Better Goat: Premix Goat's Milk with Arabic Gum (Classic)

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Munif Hijjaz Better Goat is rich in various nutrients. Indigestible and taste good! Suitable for asthma patients, mental fitness, kidney problems, skin and muscle diseases, arthritis (bone joints) and jaundice.

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Active Ingredient as well as Benefits of Better Goat (Classic)

Active Ingredients: Goat's milk and Arabic gum

Benefits of Arabic Gum:

  • Natural sources of prebiotics
  • Helps facilitate digestion and excretion
  • High fiber sources (aid diet management)
  • Helps boost the body's immune system

Benefits of Goat's Milk:

  • Small fat molecules which help simplify the digestive process
  • The lactose content is 4.1% lower than cow's milk
  • An alternative for consumers who are allergic to cow's milk

Benefits to Veterans:

  • High in calcium which helps improve bone health
  • Without granulated sugar (diabetes friendly)
  • Compatibility for nerves and heart

Benefits to Children:

  • May aid build strong bones for children
  • May help the growth of healthy gums and teeth
  • May help children grow (more energetic and active)

Benefits in term of Beautiness:

  • Sources of Fatty Acids along with Triglycerides that improve and help good skin
  • Source of Lactic Acid which helps moisturize and brighten the skin


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