Eco Nano Sugar 

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Sweetener without any calories as well as suitable to diabetes.

We provide an option for white sugar substitutes either to add or to enhance the sweetness of your drink. This sweetener contains sugarcane which specially formulated without any calories

Retail Price

Peninsular Sabah Sarawak
RM35.00 RM38.00

Active Ingredient of Eco Nano Sugar 

Benefits of Eco Nano Sugar:

  • No calories
  • No carbohydrates
  • No cholesterol
  • Taste as same as normal sugar (white sugar)
  • Suitable for diabetes
  • Only 2-3 drops enough to sweeten a glass of drink

Advantages of Eco Nano Sugar Bottle:

  • Attractive bottle
  • Strong resistance (not a glass)
  • Easy to keep inside your pocket 
  • Hard to spill off

Serving Suggestion of Eco Nano Sugar

  1. Prepare any drink without added sugar
  2. Drops 2-3 (according to your taste) of Eco Nano Sugar to sweeten your drink

Eco Nano Sugar also may help to overcome obesity which caused by over sugar intake.

Peninsular Malaysia

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Sabah / Sarawak

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