UNIC Choc Tubb

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A convenient and viral chocolate snack which mixed crispy Baby Cocoa Crunch with premium chocolate. Easily carried to anywhere and suit for every ages.

UNIC CHOC TUBB is decorated with a crunchy BABY COCOA CRUNCH and coated with PREMIUM CHOCOLATE which makes the delicious taste of UNIC CHOC TUBB even more extraordinary. With this combination of BABY COCOA CRUNCH & PREMIUM CHOCOLATE, it will make UNIC CHOC TUBB the right choice to satisfy everyone's taste because it is easy to eat by opening the lid, mixing and continuing to eat. The product has received great response with product production almost reaching 10,000 Tubb in the 30 days since its launch in the first month.

Active Ingredients and Benefits of UNIC Choc Tubb

Why you need to choose UNIC Choc Tubb instead of others?

  • Use premium chocolate brand.
  • Not too oily due to less oil consumption.
  • Premium quality of Baby Cocoa Crunch which gives the best crunchiness when enjoyed.
  • Well-blended chocolate coating on baby Cocoa Crunch produces an extraordinary pleasure for every bite.
  • Break-resistant quality and soft plastic TUB that can be squeezed to dissolve the Baby Cocoa Crunch.
  • Not too sweet but taste extraordinary delicious.
  • This plastic tub can also be reused as a stationary container on your office desk and etc.

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